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We offer a full range of equine performance and prevention treatments including customized packages to suit your horses' needs.

water treadmill


  • The horse is semi-submerged in the water while carrying out a cardio and muscular workout.

  • The weight of the horse is reduced allowing the horse to move more freely.

  • Allows controlled, non-concussive supervised exercise

  • Provides a platform for exercise that works extensively on the cardiovascular system whilst continuing to work on building and repairing tendons, and ligaments whilst increasing muscle strength. 

  • As a result of reducing the loading of painful or healing structures, it can reduce the risk of developing secondary muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and the development of muscle wastage.

Equine hydrospa


  • Water is chilled between 2 degrees and 4 degrees to take out the heat and inflammation.

  • Provides analgesic pain management.

  • Inhibits enzyme degeneration of tendons post-injury.

  • Acts as a hypertonic poultice, reducing heat while having a natural healing effect on wounds.

  • Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid fluid and waste dispersal.

  • Water aeration has a massaging effect on the leg and increases the dissolved oxygen content of the spa solution.

  • Water depth is adjustable upon the position and severity of the injury.

  • Treats a multitude of injuries.

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  • The Solarium with infrared bulbs has various benefits: Improving muscle suppleness before exercising, reducing the risk of injury, improving circulation, and providing heat therapy to assist in the recovery from specific injuries.

  • A private space for clients and specialists to use while their horse is being treated.

  • Horses are treated in this very well-lit room with a rubber-matted floor, good ventilation, and plenty of space for treatment.

  • The room provides a safe and clean environment for physiotherapists, chiropractors, remedial farriers, and veterinarians to work.

vibration plate


  • The vibrations ensure a flow of fast-paced muscle contracts, allowing better overall blood circulation.

  • Regular use activates the glands which ensure natural lubrication of joints, reducing pain in the back and joints.

  • Vibration training stimulates overall blood circulation.

  • Vibration training requires energy and burns fat.

  • The only documented treatment against Osteoporosis.

  • Increases the production of testosterone.

  • If used regularly, muscle power will increase considerably.

  • Flexibility and limberness increase.

  • Vibration therapy speeds up the recovery process

  • Stress level in body reduces.



  • Extremely effective for human athletics and is just as good for equine athletics

  • This cold spray has a -78 degree co2 formula, designed to be applied locally for a short period of time.

  • 2 to 4 minutes per treatment depending on the area being treated.

  • The cooling effect creates increased blood flow to the treated area, helping damaged tissues to recover faster.

  • This can be used for tendon injuries, muscle injuries, kissing spine, laminitis, and sore shins.

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Fill in our treatment intake form, and we'll get back to you with our expert recommendations and prices.

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