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Gilvarry Team




Our team of experienced professionals includes veterinarians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and equine rehabilitation experts. 

Gilvarry's in-house team work alongside industry professionals and equine practitioners to provide a collaborative approach toward your horse's well-being, developing a personalized strategy for your horse's rehabilitation treatment plan.




Horses have always been a part of my being.

I had the privilege of growing up in a farming community where my weekends were spent riding bareback. At the age of 8, I started jumping and competed as a junior rider till the age of 17…and then life happened.


Fast forward 35 years, of which I’ve been married for 32 and a successful business owner for the last 16 years. Our family moved to Cape Town from the Free State in 2020 and we settled in the beautiful and magical Noordhoek.


Surrounded by horses and the need to stay busy, the lifelong passion to help horses took shape. From the property to meeting the best team members, everything just fell into place. Two years later we are extremely proud to present Gilvarry Equine Rehab and Spa.

“Excellence is never an accident, It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; It represents the wise choice of many alternatives - Choice, not chance, determines your destiny”





I am a passionate equine scientist and coach, specialized in Biomechanics. I also studied Equine Exercise Physiology (higher education) to understand the physical adaptations necessary in response to training stimuli and how to use this knowledge to build an efficient training plan.

As team member of the Equinestudies dissection team, I perform 10 whole horse dissections a year on a global skin to learn more about what is going on beneath the skin and sharing this knowledge with students. By now, I have done 45+ whole horse dissections, which gives me a unique insight on the horse ‘’inside-out’’ and the ability to present the latest research findings in Equine Science.

As a trainer, I have successfully rehabilitated dozens of horses all over the world. Within my practice, I devise functional rehab training programs with special regards to postural exercises from a scientific approach. 

I have a special passion for education and now I am lucky enough to work with top specialists and veterinarians all over the world on a joint mission to improve horse welfare and movement functionality via lectures, courses, and practical workshops.


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I'm a young, enthusiastic equestrian, and I've always dreamt of working with horses ever since I can remember. 


I started riding at Sun Bird in Noordhoek, where I earned my rides, as I couldn't afford horse riding.

The owner,  Jenny Mittelmeyer, welcomed me into her yard and allowed me to be around horses as much as I wanted. My experiences with horses grew from there!


I've completed Zefanja Vermeulen's 'Equine Studies' course, and I am currently studying 'Functional Horse Training' by Thirza Hendriks. 


I have attended 4 whole horse dissections to learn more about the horse from the inside out because every horse has its own unique story to teach us. You learn something new from every dissection! 


I also work ride 6 to 7 days a week, and the horses that I have had the privilege to ride have taught me a lot in general. I do not own my own horse, but I treat every horse as if it's my own.

They all have their beautiful personalities and I am so excited to be working at Gilvarry Equine Rehab and Spa, where we have, and will be, getting a huge variety of horses in for rehab and maintenance.

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