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These terms and conditions were created with the safety of horses, staff, and clients in mind and may change from time to time as deemed fit. It is your responsibility to stay familiar with any changes made.



All your information is protected under current data protection regulations. We keep your data safe and only process that which is necessary in order to deliver our service. We will not share your information with third parties without your written permission. 




  • Owners have to create an account via the web page: 

  • The behavioral questionnaire is compulsory

  • Each horse will undergo two x desensitization/supervised sessions by our Team Behaviourist @ R450.

  • Any additional sessions required will be charged accordingly

  • A health declaration is required to determine the suitability of treatment. Any information must be true and correct at the time of completion. Failure to disclose any underlying conditions could result in further injury

  • Failure to upload certain documentation may delay the intake process

  • Our Team Veterinarian will contact the owner and or their Veterinarian before the horse's 1st treatment 




  • Overnight and long stays require a 50% deposit upon quotation acceptance

  • Settlement is required before the horse leaves the premises unless arranged by the owner with management 24hrs prior to collection

  • Repeat treatments may be purchased beforehand in bundles via the web page

  • All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT

  • Any overdue invoices will be charged interest of 2.5%

  • Any legal/debt collection fees as a result of non-payment will be for the client's account

  • All medical expenses will be charged by and payable to the relevant Veterinarian




  • Failure to show up for pre-purchased, booked sessions are non-refundable.

  • ANY cancellation of pre-booked sessions 12 hrs prior may be rescheduled at no cost. 

  • Refunds are not permitted but sessions may be transferred/rescheduled




  • Clear feeding instructions/medication in print is required prior to arrival.

  • Blankets/rain sheets, halters, hay nets, grooming kits, and medication MUST accompany the horse and should be clearly marked.

  • Roughage and concentrates must also be provided.

  • Roughage could be supplied at additional cost and any leftover roughage will be sent home



  • The safety of our staff, horses, and clients is of the utmost importance. Our clients (max 2) are welcome to stay for the treatments, provided they adhere to any instructions given by our staff.

  • Only trained Gilvarry Equine Rehab & Spa staff are allowed to handle the horse and operate the equipment at any given time

  • The trained staff/management of Gilvarry Equine are committed to providing the highest level of care for your horse whilst in our care and on the premises.

  • We do NOT accept any liability of injury/death to the owner's horse because of the inherent risk associated with equine activities except where found grossly negligent

  • The owner/representative accepts full responsibility for his/her own safety and welfare whilst on the property of Gilvarry Equine Rehab & Spa

  • Gilvarry Equine Rehab & Spa shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of tack, equipment, belongings, or any property other than its own.





  • No horse will be allowed on the property without updated vaccinations, especially AHS

  • Necessary travel permits from outside the Western Cape must be presented 72 hours in advance

  • All efforts will be made to contact the owner/Veterinarian in case of emergency. Failure to reach either will result in contacting the Team Veterinarian and any treatment decisions/procedures deemed necessary, life-saving, or in the best interest of the horse will be executed and billed accordingly

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