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Gilvarry has a team of experienced specialists available, and we can carry out almost all examinations in-house. We are also happy to work with your veterinarian. Don't have a diagnosis for your horse yet? We will gladly take a look with you and help you make the correct diagnosis.

Sex of Horse


Is your horse suffering from a medical condition including cancer, cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases, laminitis, genetic disorders, digestive diseases, auto-immune disease, or skin conditions?
Is your horse suffering from any (inflammatory) Musculo-skeletal conditions including osteo-arthritis, open wounds, lameness, muscle tears, fractures, PSSM, kissing spines, sacro-pelvic (SI problems) or tendon problems?
Is your horse currently on medication?
Is your horse currently displaying signs of pain?


What are your horse's usual arousal and response states when dealing with new situations?

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